Unleash The Power Of Travel Influencers
With The Most Advanced Database Platform.

Wander Impact helps travel brands collaborate with the best travel bloggers in the industry.

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An Advanced Platform Designed For The Tourism Industry

Wander Impact is designed specifically for the tourism industry. Powered by advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP), our software can analyze large number of blog pages and search results pages to uncover valuable data and insights that help you maximize the impact of your awareness campaign.

Advanced Platform Designed For The Tourism Industry

Find The Perfect Bloggers For Your SEO Campaign

With our granular, searchable list of bloggers, you can easily find the perfect fit for your organic traffic campaign. Our sophisticated filters allow you to narrow down your search based on a range of factors including traffic metrics, SEO metrics, top pages, main audiences, typical clients, visited countries, awards and media features, age range, areas of interest and more.

Find Bloggers For Your SEO Campaign

Campaign Management

✦ filtering ✦ selection ✦ approval ✦ monitoring ✦

Manage your entire campaign from start to finish and see real-time results on search engines.

Campaign Management for Travel blogger

Frequently Asked Questions

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Wander Impact is a platform that helps organizations identify and collaborate with bloggers who can amplify their brand, with a focus on the travel industry
The data from a travel influencer comes from a variety of proprietary and third-party sources including, search keywords and semantic analysis, search results pages analysis, social media posts analysis
Wander Impact leverages sophisticated algorithms and advanced machine learning techniques to categorize bloggers based on a comprehensive range of metrics, ensuring precise and effective partnerships.
Wander Impact streamlines the process of identifying and collaborating with travel bloggers but also enhances the precision and efficacy of influencer campaigns, resulting in a higher ROI

Our Services

Wander Impact is available both on a SaaS and fully-managed basis. Contact us for more information.